Know-how provides value when it is put into action. However, it usually takes a long time for organizations to obtain the know-how they need to succeed on the market. The question is what happens with this know-how. Often it is hidden in the heads of few people or it is encoded into software. But people leave and software is replaced. And what happens to the know-how? It gets lost and has to be expensively regained. Metada helps organizations to find ways to express their know-how so that it is explicit, understandable, well kept, and put into action.

Financial Services Product Line - Second Generation

Imagine you envision a new loan product you want to provide to your customers. You define it. In few minutes you let some of your customers look at it if they like it. You get feedback. You tweak it. Then you make it available to more customers and make their lives easier.

Right now we are working on this vision to become reality. We want you to see it and we need to get your feedback too. We are in a process of making this as simple as possible, which is quite hard. We want to enable you to model products and provide them to customers without you having to wait for months before your IT department can deliver them. We call the models domain-specific and executable. The language used is the financial services language that you already know. What we are providing is a tool you can use to create your products and an environment where your creations can live.

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The living environment for your know-how

Imagine there is a way to express your organization's knowledge on a level that is independent of the software that runs it. You can actually see it in its clear form. It is no more encoded and hidden somewhere deep in your systems. Imagine you could be able to update and replace your information technologies as needed without wasting the man-years of knowledge gathering that went into their implementation.

This is not a dream, but reality. It is done by abstracting your real business concepts from implementation details. It is possible to configure Metarepository to hold your important know how and let it control the information technologies in your organization. This way you get your IT under control, because you have a tool that helps you do it.

With Metarepository you can start easily and incrementally. We help you select areas where value can be brought quickly and help you with the abstractions needed. During the process your people can learn to do it themselves and get you on a way to true model driven-organization.

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Financial Services Product Line - First Generation

Imagine you have one repository where you define how data are processed across all your channels such as internet banking, mobile banking, branches, IVRs or ATMs. How you can have a way to specify a layer of cross-channel services and build various channel applications quickly. Imagine you could ad-hoc compose an application for a specific segment, such as entrepreneurs, students, or globe-trotting retirees.

The first generation of our FSPL allows this. It makes things easy and organized by simplifying the multi-channel problem into very few concepts that need to be defined about it. These are mainly forms and operations. Forms define the interface with which your clients interact. Operations define how the data are processed and integrated into your existing transactional and other systems.

FSPL v1 allows analysts (non-programmers) to model whole channel applications. Analysts talk to business stakeholders and design solutions to their requirements. Instead of writing the valuable knowledge into word documents (before hiding them deep in some specific technology), analysts express it in a technology-independent way within our modeling tools. The models are executable and thus no more programming is needed. The designed channel application is just deployed.

There are several deployment options. Code may be generated into your existing or planned technologies, or you may take advantage of the enterprise-grade FSPL interpreter provided by our partner Cleverlance.

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A new substrate for model-driven creations

To make all our visions possible we needed a solid foundation to build on. A framework that would be web-based and allow models to be stored, versioned, and interpreted, so that various domain-specific modeling and model execution environments could be built quickly and easily.

Resourcebus is a web-based resource-oriented computing environment for creation and execution of dynamic resources based on interpretation of models. Resourcebus includes built-in versioned storage, intelligent caching, access control, RESTfull API, and web-based user interface. Resourcebus is being developed primarily as runtime environment for both model execution and code generation.

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